Preferred Partners


#hotels #marrakech
#hotel #marrakech

The Four Seasons Marrakech has been a huge partner to AXS since the beginning of our inception. They have not only provided guests to AXS they have helped with our charity arm not only with donations, but with donated hours of help from their staff.

Mandarin Oriental have been great partners with AXS since they’ve opened. They not only send guests to AXS, but have bought 15 bikes from us and also have continuous bike rentals from us for their guests.


#riad #marrakech
#riad #marrakech

Riad Farnatchi have been great partners with AXS not only sending guests, but collaborating on ideas and possible projects.
James Wix and his staff are second to none in Marrakech.

Emma at Riad Zamzam has been part of Marrakech culture for quite a while. She knows how to take care of guests and set up great activities for them to enjoy not only in Marrakech, but the coast and desert also.