Argana Association for Human Development (AAHD) was created by AXS Chairman Silvia Badi Madden. Silvia has been giving back for a long time, not only to her family but everyone around her. She has instilled these values into our company.  We all knew from the start that AXS would give back to the community before it turned any sort of a profit. Every year at least 4 times a year AAHD holds charity events in Marrakech and just recently Mumbai, because of Silvia. AXS gives a percentage of every sale to AAHD. In the beginning Silvia funded all these events herself with AXS to follow a couple of years ago. We’ve been very fortunate to partner up with great people and organizations. The Four Seasons-Marrakech has helped AAHD with donations to help fix one of the schools witch hosted one of the Ramadans.  Just recently we’ve also had help from the British Business Group of Marrakech. We will make sure we do our best to help those around us and align ourselves with those that do the same. Watch this great YouTube video produced by Mark Atwood explaining how AXS via AAHD helps the Marrakech community.  AXS Co Founder Saif Kovach also Co Founded the Marrakech Atlas Etape. A charity race in benefit of Education for All

2014 Ramadan
Again (AAHD) fed thousands of the less fortunate for the thirty nights of Ramadan. Every night meals were provided for the locals of Marrakech to break the fast. Each Ramadan a local school is picked to host the meals for Ramadan. The school Madrassa Al Waheda was used for the setting again this year and before (AAHD) left the school it was repaired and painted.


2014 Mumbai Girls Home
Silvia spent time with young girls that were abandoned. She not only donated food and money to the home, but more importantly her time. She spoke with these young girls and let them know there is a bright future ahead for all of them with hard work and dedication.


2014 Circumcisions.
Although some people in this day in age no longer believe or do circumcisions. There are many that still do and some  of them are the less fortunate who don’t have the means to do this. If the parents are going to do this, they should have the best doctors to perform such a procedure. (AAHD) payed qualified and professional doctors during this event to help 100′s of families who could not afford this. Also provided were gift baskets for every family that was present.


2013 Ramadan
This year (AAHD) again thousands of the less fortunate were fed for the thirty nights of Ramadan. Every night meals were provided for the locals of Marrakech to break the fast.  The new school being used this year for hosting Ramada was Madrassa Al Waheda which was used for the setting. After Ramadan was finished (AAHD) left the school repaired and re painted.


2012 Ramadan
This is the first year AAHD hosted Ramadan. We hosted thousands of the less fortunate for the 30 nights of Ramadan.
Meals were provided to all to break the fast. The first school Ramadan was hosted was called Madrassa Ben Khaldoun.  After the 30 night were completed the school was cleaned and painted. This trend of giving has been started and will be repeated.